About Harbir Agrotech

Harbir agrotech is an innovation driven, science centered Agrotech company run by a team of professionals with vast experience in the field of agriculture. The company has carven a niche for itself in domestic as well as the export market offering quality products and timely services to all its customers

Quality seeds are produced under the direct supervision of agricultural professionals having vast experience agricultural research and production.


We apply innovation and technology to help farmer's around the world to product more with resource conservation. Seed being the basic need of farmer's, Harbir Agrotech is commited to provide quality seeds to farmers at their doorstep. We have strong emphasis on meeting local needs by using national
and international research.

This approach helps us in applying our knowledge of local environment with latest research in the development of superior varieties/hybrids, which are well suited to specifi and diverse agro climatic conditions.

Harbir Agrotech has diversified baskets of products to ffer varying from high quality hybrid seeds of paddy to range of quality seeds of vegetables. Our focus and strength is high quality foundation seeds being produce under the strict qulity control of dedicated professionals. For giving best results to our different needs we are currently focussing on producing the seeds of paddy hybrids(HBR-901, HBR-902, HRR-701, HRR-960) , wheat (HBW-21,HBW-22,HBW-23,HBW-24), Mustard(Krisham), Sunflower(HBSF-55,44), Bajra(HBB-111,222), Maize(HBM-333,444), Vegetables like Bringle, Tomato(Dilawar), Cauliflower(Priyanka, Shaurya, Deepti), Cabbage, Watermelon, Muskmelon, Okra.